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An experiential Jewish education extracurricular program for Kindergarten through 7th graders. The program strives to build positive attitudes towards Judaism, Israel, and Hebrew in a fun, interactive, and informal environment. JExplorers meets weekly, after school on Thursdays.

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Is your child ready to explore all that Judaism has to offer? Join us for JExplorers, where Thursday afternoons are spent inspiring Jewish curiosity in a fun, interactive, and informal environment. Jewish educators share music, stories, language, holidays, food and more as we discover Judaism through a wide cultural lens.‍

JExplorers creates opportunities for children to experience Jewish holidays and traditions, ethics and values, heritage and history, dance and music, basic Hebrew concepts, and more! The program strives to build positive attitudes towards Judaism, Israel, and Hebrew. JExplorers is geared towards children ages 5–12, and is open to J Los Angeles member families with registration available through iClass. 

‍JExplorers is $700 per child per semester.

Cost is subject to change by semester. ‍For questions or more information, contact Edana Appel, Director of Camp and Family Programs, at or 323-556-5205.

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Does JLA offer lessons?

Yes! Contact Ryan Bell, Sports and Recreation Coordinator for information at or 323-556-5203.

How much does Pickleball cost?

J Los Angeles members are charged $5 each time a court is booked for pickleball. Members are welcome to bring up to three guests to play, at no additional charge.

How do I register to play Pickleball?

The first step is to become a member of J Los Angeles. Membership at the J opens an exciting variety of activities, and the opportunity to become part of this unique community. J Los Angeles members are provided access to the iClass program registration portal. Choose the time you want, and register.

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Donating to J Los Angeles allows us to enrich lives, build community, and inspire Jewish journeys.

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