For nearly 70 years, Westside Jewish Community Center has held a special place in Los Angeles. Opening its doors in 1954 as the successor to the Soto-Michigan JCC in the Boyle Heights neighborhood; it was established in response to the westward movement of the Jewish community towards the Fairfax and Beverly Hills areas. Since then, it has grown and thrived, enriching the lives of Angelenos through impactful programming, education, and meaningful connection. Today, our community encompasses those from every corner of Los Angeles, well beyond the intersection of Olympic and Fairfax.

Westside JCC is more than a neighborhood community center – and not at all located on the west side of Los Angeles. This is why we have taken the bold step to develop a new name and new identity – one that expresses the profound connection with our beloved city and the community members who have always been a part of us.

The new J Los Angeles is alive and vibrant. It is as culturally and ethnically diverse as the city it names. Its name is sweeping in its geographic reach and is broad in its inclusivity. There is space for everyone to be who they are at the new J Los Angeles.

The rebrand to J Los Angeles represents more than a name change. It represents a commitment to provide impactful and inclusive Jewish and communal experiences – across the religious and denominational spectrums, and socioeconomic and geographical boundaries of Los Angeles. The new J Los Angeles makes a statement that we will be an integral part of shaping the Los Angeles Jewish future.