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The Hive
The Hive
Infants & Toddlers

The Hive’s 4:1 "bee" to teacher ratio ensures personalized attention for all enrolled children. Experienced caregivers, a dedicated crib room, and a practical facility design all work to create a safe, nurturing space for your child's growth.

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The Hive

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Does JLA offer lessons?

Yes! Contact Ryan Bell, Sports and Recreation Coordinator for information at or 323-556-5203.

How much does Pickleball cost?

J Los Angeles members are charged $5 each time a court is booked for pickleball. Members are welcome to bring up to three guests to play, at no additional charge.

How do I register to play Pickleball?

The first step is to become a member of J Los Angeles. Membership at the J opens an exciting variety of activities, and the opportunity to become part of this unique community. J Los Angeles members are provided access to the iClass program registration portal. Choose the time you want, and register.

Stronger Together

Donating to J Los Angeles allows us to enrich lives, build community, and inspire Jewish journeys.

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