The Hive

Infant Care at its Best!

Welcome to the Hive, a full-time infant and toddler program serving the youngest members of our community between the ages of six weeks and 18 months old. The Hive engages the whole family well beyond the typical day care. Families and caregivers are warmly welcomed into the J Los Angeles community and have access to parent education classes, Shabbat and holiday programs, and community events.

The Hive is open to all types of families with a variety of different needs.
The program operates year-round, Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. with Jewish holidays observed.

Hive Highlights include:

  • 4:1 “bee” to teacher ratio
  • Dedicated crib room
  • Low VOC paint and MERV-13 air filters
  • Natural and environmentally friendly materials
  • Dedicated outdoor play yard

Prioritizing Children's Safety and Growth

Within The Hive, safety and growth are prioritized above all else. We understand that infants and young toddlers are capable learners, and thus, they are provided with a safe and stimulating environment where exploration is encouraged, and curiosity is fostered. Our experienced infant care teachers nurture children’s development and meet their changing and unique needs with compassion and care.

Play Leads to Success

The Hive is thoughtfully designed to provide an optimal space for learning and exploration. Spacious play areas, a dedicated outdoor play yard, engaging toys, and age-appropriate educational materials ensures your child will have the best experience. Children also participate in a weekly music class, age-based sensory play, art projects, and interactive activities that promote healthy brain development.

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